Board Members

The board of directors at Joliet LEDA is a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to driving the success and growth of our organization. With diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields, our board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We are fortunate to have such a talented and driven team guiding the direction of Joliet LEDA. Meet our board members below and learn more about their impressive accomplishments and how they are making a difference in our community.

Meet the LEDA Board Members

Alex Páramo


Paulina Martinez

Vice President

Nancy Caballero-Borunda


Lizbeth Avilés

Board Member At-Large

Cesar Cardenas

Board Member At-Large

Johnny Noriega


Benito Ibarra

Board Member At-Large

Misael Alvarez

Board Member At-Large

Sam Garcia

Board Member At-Large

Are you passionate about economic development and making a positive impact in your community?

Consider joining the Joliet LEDA board of directors. As a board member, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team to drive the success and growth of our organization. You will also have the chance to make a meaningful difference in the community by helping to create new jobs, attract businesses, and stimulate economic growth. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us at or complete the interest form below. We welcome and encourage diverse perspectives and backgrounds.