My name is Ulises Huitron. I am from Naucalpan, Mexico by way of Joliet, IL. I am the son of hard working immigrant parents who came to this country with nothing to their name but only a dream of giving their family a better life. As a witness of their success in making their dream come true, my parents have deeply ingrained the importance of being appreciative, detail- oriented, and resilient in my own personal journey.

I started my real estate career in 2019 as a student of investment prodigies Daniel and Samuel Kwak (also known as the Kwak Brothers). The first day I set foot in their real-estate mastermind meet-up, was the day I fell in love with real estate. From that day onward, it was destined for me to become a Realtor. There’s an incomparable feeling that has come with being able to serve the people of my own community on the topics of homeownership and real estate investments. The mantra of being “The People’s Reator” or “El Realtor De La Raza” is one I embrace wholeheartedly as I continue to serve the Joliet Area.