Joliet Township Government Alicia Morales and Her Assistant David Lozano

Today we received a special visit at our Joliet LEDA office. The Municipal Secretary of Joliet Township Government Alicia Morales and her assistant David Lozano gave us very valuable information about the Services of the Municipality, and the offers that the Municipality has for pavement, construction, gardening contractors, among others. We talk about the application […]

Vendor Contact List

Would you like to showcase and sell your food, services or products at festivals and events? We’re in the process of creating a contact list, and by joining it, you’ll receive notifications about potential events where you can participate. If you would like to join the vendor list, please complete the form below. En Español: […]

Sunshine Mexican Cafe

The Joliet Latino Economic Development Association assisted the Sunshine Mexican Cafe to apply for a Grant. Sunshine Mexican Cafe used the grant to purchase a food truck.